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MetaStock – FAQ’s

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1 What is MetaStock?

MetaStock is a software program designed to help you make better decisions about when to buy and sell in the Equities, Forex, Futures, and Commodities markets. Metastock RT is our real-time product that is powered by Refinitiv XENITH for Retail Traders – without it, your Metastock RT product will not have data. Metastock DC is our end of day product that is powered by Refinitiv DataLink data or our premium local data services. Metastock V15DC and higher versions now give users the option of choosing your own data vendor or using Metastock with Refinitiv Datalink.

We continue our partnership with Australia’s premium ASX and USA Equities provider. We also provide World Futures local data  for use in Metastock V15DC and higher. We offer this data at great rates and provide full support, for more information please call us on 03 9459 2317 or visit our data page here Data services

2. What is the difference between End-of-Day and Real-Time?

Real-time traders use intra-day data (prices that are constantly updating throughout the day) to make decisions about when to buy and sell during the trading day, this also allows you to look at different time frames (examples, 1 Min, 8 Min, 30 Min etc.). End-of-day traders access their data (Date, Open, High, Low, Close and Volume for the day after the markets have closed. Some markets like the ASX have what is called Intra-day snapshot data available which can be used with Metastock 15 and higher and older versions of Metastock from 11 and lower.

Snap  shot data works like this with our local data.

The snap shot is a 20 minute delayed snapshot of the data each hour during the day sent through from the exchange.

So the first one is available at 11.20am each day. If you close Metastock and do an update at 11.20am, you will get the data (open, high, low, close and volume @ 11.00am).

The exchange sends the next snapshot at 12.20 for the 12.00 noon data, open stays the same, high, low, close and volume are updated on that one bar to reflect the 12.00 noon update.

If you do an update at say 12.45, you still get the 12.00 update,(only one snapshot per hour 20 mins delayed) the next change is at 1.20 for the 1.00 etc during the day.

3. What is the difference between Refinitiv data and our local premium data services?

Refinitiv Datalink is provided by Refinitiv in the USA. Refinitiv provide data for almost every equity exchange across the globe, they divide their data into regions. Each region covers multiple exchanges within that region, so for example a subscription to Refinitiv Asia/Pacific Equities region covers Australia, NZ, Singapore, Tokyo, Bombay and many more, so subscribers get access to a wide range of exchanges at a great rate. This is great news for customers wanting access to many markets, the flip side is that this data is not specifically tailored to individual exchanges and not as comprehensive as a dedicated single market data service. Refinitiv data also covers World Futures, Forex and Indices.

Our local premium data services on the other hand are limited to providing data for the ASX and USA Equities, plus World Futures markets. The markets covered are very comprehensive and offer far more flexibility to customers in the way the data in presented and sorted. As an example of this flexibility, our local equity data services covering the ASX and USA markets have a feature called “custom folders”. These custom folders are pre-built and fully maintained with all corporate actions and maintenance tasks automatically applied. These custom folders cover all four levels of GICS including the Sector, Industry Group, Industry and Sub-Industry groups and provide well over 500 folders for each of the ASX and USA exchanges. These folders can be easily added to Metastock via our updater package, some examples of these custom folders on ASX are ASX All Ordinaries, ASX Dividend paying securities, ASX 100, 200, 300 plus all the Sectors Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Utilities, the list goes on and on. These Sectors are also broken down to provide more in-depth specific lists such as their sub-Industry groups. As an example of this, the Health Care Sector has all stocks related to Health Care within it, whereas the Sub-Industry groups for Health Care cover Health Care Distributors, Equipment, Facilities, Real Estate, Services, Supplies and Technology all in separate managed folders allowing you to target a very specific area of the market for analysis. This flexibility to the end user makes our local data the very best available.

4. I have an older version of Metastock, Can I upgrade this or do I need to purchase Metastock again.

Yes, generally speaking customers using older versions of Metastock are entitled to upgrade their version to the latest version at a discount. A Metastock upgrade is a full Metastock version that can be used independently and does not need to be installed over the top of a previous version, for more information on upgrading please call us on 03 9459 2317 or complete your details here Contact us

5. What is XENITH?

XENITH is a software and data module that empowers you with advanced, fully customizable analytical capabilities, and comprehensive cross asset data. It gives you a full breadth of global, economic, and critical market news to help you quickly identify the best ways to use and manipulate information. XENITH is a stand alone data and information platform or it can be used in conjunction with Metastock RT.

6. If I’m a professional trader, can I use Thomson Reuters Eikon for Retail Traders?

No, Thomson Reuters Eikon for Retail Traders is only for Non Professionals as defined by the New York Stock Exchange: Nonprofessional Subscriber means any person who is not: (i) registered or qualified with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, any state securities agency, any securities exchange or association, or any commodities or futures contract market or association; (ii) engaged as an investment advisor; nor (iii) employed by a bank or other organization exempt from registration under Federal and/or state securities laws to perform functions that would require him or her to be so registered or qualified if he or she were to perform such functions for an organization not so exempt. If you are a Professional, please contact Thomson Reuters Business Direct for the appropriate market data platform at 1-800-435-0101 (Select Option 6) in North America.

7. What is the difference between buying Metastock and data from a local agent or buying direct from the USA?

The Metastock software is the same version regardless of where it is purchased. The difference is the on going support provided to users. This quality of this support differs depending on the knowledge and availability of the local Metastock business, we have been using and supporting Metastock for over 25 years and provide our customers with the very best ongoing care. We are an independent business that earns income from sales of Metastock and data services. In return we provide local support to our Metastock and data customers during local business hours and our customers are also fully supported by Metastock in the USA.

8. What is the difference between Refinitiv Metastock RT and Metastock DC?

Refinitiv Metastock RT – Our premium technical analysis and charting software product for real-time traders. Metastock DC – Our award winning analysis program that is designed to help you make decisions about when to buy and sell in the stocks, FOREX, Futures, and Commodities markets based on end-of-day data.

9. What is the difference between the subscription version of MetaStock and the purchase version of MetaStock?

MetaStock can either be subscribed to on an ongoing basis or purchased outright. The subscription includes the MetaStock software and accompanying data feed and can be paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. If the subscription is cancelled, neither the software nor the data feed are accessible. The purchase version contains the MetaStock software only and is purchased for a one-time charge. The software is always accessible because you own it and have paid for it outright but would not allow you to plot any data without an active data subscription. With this option, you will have to sign up for a data feed separately to run data into the program. Our sales department can help you decide which option is best for you.

10. What data feed do you need for Refinitiv MetaStock RT?

Refinitiv Metastock RT works with Refinitiv Eikon (XENITH) for Retail Traders. The Refinitiv Eikon data feed gives  Metastock RT the highest quality analysis at the best price.

11. Do I have to use Refinitiv Datalink data with Metastock 15 and higher?

No, the current versions of MetaStock 15+ ( Currently V18 ) work with Refinitiv Datalink data or if you prefer, you can use your local Metastock data supplier. Please contact us on info@metastockaustralia.com.au or call 03 9459 2317 to discuss all your local data service options.

12. What time frames can be displayed inside MetaStock?

Other than tick by tick bars, real-time versions of MetaStock can display any intraday time frame in the range of 1 minute to 1439 minutes. For our end-of-day customers, any combination of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly bars can be displayed.

13. What are the system requirements?

XENITH, MetaStock Real Time, and MetaStock Daily Charts 






Intel 5 th Generation Core i7

Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4GHz or higher

Physical Memory

8 GB RAM (16GB Preferred)

4 GB RAM or higher

Disk Space

5GB free disk space

1.6GB free disk space or higher

Video Card

PCI Express (PCIe) card with minimum of 256MB memory per port. DirectX 11.x. compatible.

PCI Express (PCIe) card with minimum of 128MB memory per port. DirectX 9.x. compatible.

Color Depth



Temporary Internet File Size

250 MB or higher

250 MB

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (1) SP1 + KB3033929 – Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit – Basic, Pro, Enterprise Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit, Update 1 – Basic, Pro, Enterprise Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (2) (3)- Home, Professional, Enterprise



Recommended Version

Microsoft Office

32-bit only:

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 3(1)- Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office 2010 + KB2405840 + KB2598139, SP1+ KB2598139, SP 2 – Professional Plus
  • 32-bit and 64-bit:
  • Microsoft Office 2010 SP1+ KB2598139, SP2 – Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office 2013 SP1(2) – Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office 365 with Office 2013 – ProPlus and Enterprise E3
  • Microsoft Office 2016(3) – Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office 365 with Office 2016(3) – ProPlus and Enterprise E3Versions 6.4, 6.5, 7.0, 7.1 (Note 7.1 is recommended)Version 3.0 SP1 or higherVersion 6.0 or higherVersions 8, 9, 10, 11 (Note Internet Explorer 11 is recommended)Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft XML 6.0
  • Microsoft XML 3.0
  • Visual Basic for Applications (32-bit)

Acrobat Reader 10.0 or higher

14. Running MetaStock on a Mac (Apple)

Officially MetaStock is not supported when installed onto a Mac computer. However, we have several clients using MetaStock on the new Macs with the Intel processor and they have reported that they’ve encountered minimal issues. While we haven’t tested MetaStock on Macs, our discussions with customer using it indicate that for the most stable Mac environment, the Windows operating system must be running through a Mac application called Boot Camp. Similar applications may not work properly (for example Parallels or Virtual Machine). MetaStock software installed on a Mac computer is eligible for the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. All conditions and requirements apply to Mac users regardless of the timing or nature of potential Mac related issues. MetaStock will make every effort to provide support for running our software on a Mac and help customers troubleshoot issues they encounter; however as we have not officially tested MetaStock in this environment, we are unable to guarantee support beyond a reasonable effort.

15. Can I download and install the software after I purchase it or do I need to have it shipped?

The following products are downloadable :
Refinitiv Eikon ( XENITH ) for Retail Traders
Metastock RT
Metastock DC


Data Services

Once you complete your purchase, an account will be created and the downloadable file(s) added to this account at www.metastock.com.

The new Metastock account will be created during standard business hours Monday to Friday 9.300am until 4.30 PM. Orders placed over the week-end will be processed on the following business day and access to your account to download new software will be available within 24 hours due to the time difference between us and Metastock USA.

16. What line studies does MetaStock include?

o Andrews’ Pitchfork
o Cycle Lines
o Ellipse
o Equidistant Channel
o Fibonacci Arcs, Fans, Retracements
o Fibonacci Time Zones
o Gann Lines, Fans, Grids
o Linear Regression Trendline
o ODDS™ Probability Cones
o Quadrant Lines
o Raff Regression Channel
o Rectangle
o Speed Resistance Lines
o Standard Deviation Channel
o Standard Error Channel
o Tirone Levels
o Trendlines
o Triangle

17. I am taking a trial of Metastock, How do I cancel this?

If you have a trial of the DC or RT versions and would like to cancel the trial, please contact your local Metastock agent or email sales@metastock.com

A confirmation email will be sent back once the trial has been cancelled.

18. How to keep your custom lists up to date in Metastock Version 15DC or the first release of Version 16DC.

Important information regarding using Metastock Version 15DC or the first release of Version 16DC with local data and how to keep your custom lists up to date.

Having a Power console in Metastock V15DC does provide many advantages over the older versions of Metastock, but it does create an issue where the folders that have been added into Metastock’s power console need to be removed and re-entered periodically to ensure the data lists are completely current with all new listed and de-listed stocks. A very similar process had to be followed while running explorations in older versions of Metastock, the data folders had to be removed from the exploration and replaced with a new data folder; this no longer needs to be done in V15DC as all the data folders can be accessed directly from the power console and used in explorations.

I would suggest performing this task once a month and you can integrate it into your monthly trading routine.

The process to remove an existing folder and re-add the folder back into Metastock is below.

Open Metastock and when the power console opens find the Equities folder under LOCAL DATA LISTS, right click the Equities folder and select delete. Next double click over the words “LOCAL DATA LISTS” in the power console or right click over the words “LOCAL DATA LISTS” and select new, the same screen will open.

1 Next a NEW CUSTOM LIST window opens; we click on the browse button.

2 Next a LOCAL INSTRUMENTS window opens; we click on the browse button again.

3 Next, we navigate to our C:(Drive)/ Trading Data/Stocks/ASX/Equities folder or equivalent folder if using USA Equities, Futures, Forex or a different data source.

4 Next, we need to select the Equities folder by clicking it once and clicking the “SELECT FOLDER” button at the bottom of the window. This will take us back to the Local Instruments window and in a few seconds the stocks in the Equities folder will populate the local Instruments window, once populated we click the add button and then save, the new updated Equities folder has now been added to the power console.

This entire process should only take a couple of minutes and will ensure your data displayed in Metastock is completely current.

The same process can be followed to add your custom folders in and out of Metastock 15 and the first release of 16DC.

Please note ONLY the hard coded folders need to removed and re-added periodically. Hard coded folders such as Equities, Indices, World Indices and any Custom folders created in Oracle stocks. PLEASE DO NOT remove your own lists of stocks from the power console, these will need to be re-created if removed.

Important note: If you have more than 1 custom folder, all custom folders can be added in one go rather than adding in one at a time. To add all your custom folders in one go, you need to select the custom folders folder and click “SELECT FOLDER” from step 4 above, when the LOCAL INSTRUMENTS window opens, click the button that says “CREATE LISTS FROM SUB FOLDERS”, click OK and all the folders will be added to your power console.

Also please note: To remove multiple folders at once from the power console, you can right click over the words LOCAL DATA LISTS and click “Manage Custom lists”, select the folders you would like to remove and select delete.

If your version of Metastock 15 does NOT have a “CREATE LISTS FROM SUB FOLDERS “button, the latest version of Metastock 15.0.4330 can be downloaded from your account at www.metastock.com in your “My Downloads” section.

To check your Metastock version, open Metastock, click on help and go to “About Metastock”

Craig Kirby


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