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Justine Pollard is a successful, professional share and CFD trader and the best-selling author of Smart Trading Plans. Her book was hailed as one of the Top 10 Best Selling Finance Books in Australia’s leading finance magazine, Money Magazine.

Justine tried and tested the markets with many different trading styles, instruments and techniques before settling on trading shares with a long-term trading system and CFDs with a medium term swing trading system. From her experiences in trading, Justine refined her very own trading technique and trading tools using MetaStock and she shares all her strategies through a range of share trading courses.

You can find out more about Justine by visiting her website:

Justine’s goal is to help other budding traders to become peak performers in the market. So if you would like to take your trading skills to the next level then check out Justine’s share trading courses below:
Maximising MetaStock Online Course
The Maximising MetaStock Online Course will help you get MetaStock set up and streamlined. The course comes complete with a detailed workbook and online videos that teach you everything from understanding the basics like setting your local data, integrating it into MetaStock and creating templates, right up to the advanced functions such as understanding the MetaStock Formula Language, how to build your own indicators, how to set up explorations and how to take advantage of the Expert Advisor.

Smart Charting 101 Online Course
Includes 10 online videos and a comprehensive handbook that will teach you why technical analysis gives you that extra edge in the market. You will learn how to determine significant reference points on the chart, define the overall health of a share by its trend and understand the market stages that shares move through. You will then put all this knowledge together into sound entry and exit techniques that will assist you in getting started in technical analysis trading and provide you with an additional edge in the market.

Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course
This is the Ultimate Online Course where Justine shares exactly how she trades the markets and what she does each day, week and month in the markets. In this 13 session online share trading course you are guided through Justine’s personal trading plan including all her tools and strategies for entries, exits and money management. You also receive the MetaStock codes to Justine’s personal trading systems in a downloadable format so you can get MetaStock setup to run Justine’s explorations, add experts to the charts, trail a stop loss indicator and create custom templates of the different trading systems. It’s all about getting inside Justine’s head and discovering how she trades the markets and thrives.
Plus, it does not stop there. When you purchase the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course you also receive one year’s membership to the exclusive Smart Traders Mastermind program. In this program you get to connect with a community of traders that have all been through the course and she continues to support her clients with detailed half an hour monthly market update videos, monthly scan exercises, several webinars throughout the year and a private discussion forum.

Smart Trade Tracker
The Smart Trade Tracker is a specialised trade management spreadsheet designed to make it easy for you to manage and track your trading activity and evaluating your performance in the market at any point in time. The Smart Trade Tracker will rapidly become a key part of your trading routine and is often referred to by Justine’s clients as their “Mission Control” in the markets.

Watch this TV Interview with Justine
If you would like to get to know Justine more, watch this TV interview where she delves deeper into charting and how she can look at a chart and tell if a share is healthy or unhealthy and how charts assist Justine in all her trading decisions.

This interview was a two part show and you can watch the first interview from Justine’s website:

Here are what some of Justine’s clients have to say:
“There is a saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When I turned to Justine to refine my Metastock explorations, I actually uncovered an incredible pot of gold filled with a fantastic knowledge and understanding about trading the Stock market. She is schooled in a tradition and style that I felt very comfortable with, and presented at a level that just set my trading knowledge on fire.”
Andrew Morton, Christchurch, New Zealand

“Thank you Justine for the Maximising MetaStock Online Course. It is an excellent collection of videos that has helped me demystify MetaStock. I liked that I could pause and rewind the videos and follow along step-by-step with MetaStock open on my screen in another window. The videos along with the downloadable workbook are an excellent study program that I recommend to others who need assistance with setting up and demystifying MetaStock.”
Mike Smith, SA

“A big thank you for your Smart Charting 101 Online Course. It has filled in a lot of the gaps for me. The educational value is enormous as I’ve learnt much more than I thought.”
Bevan Rundle, QLD

“Thanks Justine, I found the Ultimate Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course remarkably easy to apply the information provided to real world trading activities. The lessons are divided into logical units that contain the right amount of information, at a readily digestible level of complexity. A key outcome from the course is the development and enhancement of a quality trading plan that contains all required elements for successful trading. I have been trading for a few years now and this course is the single most useful trading resource I have found. I kept finding myself saying “That’s a good idea. I would be more comfortable doing that than trading my current strategy”.
Ross Hodgkinson, ACT

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