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Whats New in Metastock 18?

Metastock 18 – What’s New?


MetaStock 18 –

Form and function come together to give you the Ultimate Market Analysis Tool.

Next Level; Charting

One of the core values of MetaStock is the ability to represent data in a fast, friendly, effective manner – on a chart.  We are always working on our charts.  With Next-Level Charting in MetaStock 18, you can view the data you want to see just how you want to see it.  Customizable, sensible, easy-to-read, logical charts.

Power Console Updates

At the heart of MetaStock is the Power Console.  Now you can get what you need faster with the enhanced searching capabilities which allow you to locate the instrument’s folder by searching for either the name or the symbol. In addition, a dedicated favorites tab for your top explorations and tests, enhanced scan and test name search, and the ability to minimize the data display range round out the MetaStock 18 Power Console’s new functionality.

OptionScope Enhancements

Option Traders Love the convenience and power of OptionScope.  The Enhanced OptionScope in MetaStock 18 was designed to give you an improved view of what is important when trading options – Risk and Sentiment.  With the Options Sentiment viewer, you can view where the market interest is in the options you are interested in. You can view both open interest and volume.  You can even zoom in on the top traded options, no problem.

QuoteCenter Enhancements

Introduced in MetaStock 17, QuoteCenter has become the standard for list management. MetaStock 18 offers a new Gainers/Losers bar so you can see at a glance how your account or list is performing. In addition, you can change the charts settings from your Power Console, making it even more convenient to set things the way you like them.  It will now also share the theme settings with OptionScope.

Indicator Updates

Our users wanted more from their indicators and how they can customize them.  MetaStock 18 is just what they ordered.  The customizability is nearly endless.  From a set of new plot styles including Stepped Line, Filled Line, Stepped Filled Line, Dot, and Histogram to a range of customizations including colors, shading, filling between envelope lines (like Bollinger Bands). To top that off we made sure all the indicator values now plot in the title bar as well.


Based on the legendary work of R.N. Elliott, the MetaStock Elliott Waves System gives you the ability to chart High, Medium and Low volatility Elliott Waves. Formally a best-selling $300 MetaStock Add-on, this system comes standard in MetaStock 18. Out of the box, you get 3 expert advisors, 6 explorations, and 5 templates. You also have the free option as a 18 user to download the complete Suite of Elliott Tools.


Take advantage of Martin Pring’s time-tested method for identifying emerging sectors in the market cycle. Formally a $299 add-on for MetaStock, Martin Pring’s Special K combines short, intermediate and long-term time frames into one series. This “Special K” series often peaks and troughs with actual bull and bear market turning points. It can be used in many ways. The two most important are:

  • Identify primary trend reversals at a relatively early stage
  • Using short-term changes in direction of this unique indicator to spot 1 to 6-week buying and shorting opportunities

This add-on includes all the following:

  • 7 indicators
  • 4 Explorations
  • 2 Expert Advisors
  • 2 Templates


MetaStock 18DC has the ability to run offline with no connection to the internet. This allows you to save your charts offline and study your charts offline like older versions of Metastock did. Offline Mode in Metastock 18DC allows you to download your data in advance, then analyse it offline… anywhere! If you have your computer, you have the ability to review your charts, run an exploration, analyse data, view the FORECASTER, and more. Metastock 18 allows you to make critical decisions, not just convenient ones. Now you connect to the internet, download the latest updates and then take your analysis on the go. This is a very important change and a welcome addition for many Australian Metastock users.


Metastock 18DC is flexible enough to keep up with just about any type of data.

Metastock users no longer need to have a subscription to Thomson Reuters Datalink and can enjoy the benefits of the new tools in Metastock 18DC while continuing to use your own preferred local data supplier.

We provide the very best quality local data covering the ASX and USA Equities markets + World Futures and Forex data, more information is available here

Metastock 18 reads the standard local data format called legacy MetaStock File Format, the same format used in Metastock versions 11 and lower, and a new MetaStock format called MSLocal and CSV.

Metastock 18DC now supports all these data formats:

MetaStock File format (legacy)

MSLocal (new and improved)


NEW Improved Explorer

The Explorer has been re-imagined with a more friendly interface to help you identify the information you need more quickly.

  • Instantly know the number of results and rejects while being able to see the name of your scan, runtime, and if they are using a filter, interval, and periods displayed on one screen.
  • Click “View Details” to quickly view your exploration overview and details.
  • View all exploration reports in one window rather than going through each one individually.
  • Double-click on any row in the exploration report and it will open your chart.
  • Leave the exploration report open and work with your charts at the same time.
  • View all past exploration results in one easy to access screen.

New Favorites

Add ANY exploration or system test to your favorites. The favorites list is displayed at the top of the Exploration Window or Systems Test Window, making it easy for you to quickly access your preferred workflows. As an added bonus you can now view all results from only your favorite Explorations or all explorations.


Built from the ground up, the NEW Downloader is designed to help you quickly and easily down­load, store, convert and manipulate your EOD market data.

Downloader can take your legacy MetaStock File format or any data in CSV format and convert it to the new MetaStock file format (MSLocal). The intuitive Downloader Console helps you navigate and manage the local data on your pc. Adjusting, creating, storing, converting, and moving data has never been easier. Downloader even supports the hourly market snapshot feature in MetaStock VIII and higher for ASX data and other select markets.


The FORECASTER has quickly become a favourite tool in the MetaStock User’s arsenal, but we knew it could be better. With MetaStock XVI you can now use the FORECASTER analyse any included recognizer or any pat­tern you draw in any time frame. This means you have the ability to look at the time frame in which you trade – a definite bonus in your analysis.


MetaStock templates allow you to open the a chart just the way you want with your systems already in place. The following are the latest in the ever growing list of MetaStock Templates:

SectorStat now includes the following:

  1. Bollinger Bands
  2. Oscillating Indicators
  3. Popularized MACD
  4. Price Percentage Oscillator (PPO)
  5. MACD Histogram
  6. Pivots Daily (R/T Only)
  7. Pivots Weekly

Customizable Time Frames:

With MetaStock XVI you have the ability to Chart, Scan, Test, and Recognize FORECASTER patterns in ANY time frame. With MetaStock D/C you can use multiple day or higher charts to Scan, Test, and Forecast. With MetaStock R/T you can Scan, Test and Forecast with any multiple of minute, hour, day or higher.

Teach Talk Trade System:

Brand new in MetaStock XVI, Teach Talk Trade provides exact entry, stop loss and exit parameters – this is unique among trading systems. It also provides precise information on how many shares to purchase based on account size and maximum risk levels. It also allows you to customize your account size, risk tolerance, and stop risk levels.

The systems included with Teach Talk Trade include a Bollinger Band Oscillator, a MACD Oscillator, and a T3 Oscillator.

PowerStrike Options Trader:

Designed for Options traders and one of our most popular Add-ons is now built right into MetaStock. PowerStrike leverages support and resistance at strike price levels and uses pivots and volume to score buy and sells.

Sectorstat Experts:

With a top down approach to markets and sectors, The SectorStat Experts expand on the success of the Sec­torStat indicators that are included in MetaStock 13 and higher. The SectorStat Experts use the McClellan Os­cillator and the McClellan Oscillator of Volume to determine strength and weakness, and will trigger buy and sells only when there is an alignment between Volume and Price. The top 10 sectors in the US and 8 Global markets are covered. The old adage of buy strength and sell weakness is an important aspect of trading. The SectorStat Experts will guide you in knowing breadth of the market (Requires Stock and Indices Datalink or any XENITH subscription).

SectorStat now includes the following:

40 New Indicators

18 New Experts

19 New Templates

If you are an existing Metastock user, version 18DC address’s many of our customers concerns of versions 12,13 and 14 with the addition of offline mode and Local data in particular.

Please call our office on 03 9459 2317 for further details or email info@metastockaustralia.com.au